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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz news this morning. >> good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm kate meryl. >> thanks so much for being here on wednesday, october 5. >> hurricane matthew slamming the caribbean, new parts of the u.s. are parts of the u.s. as slams into an apartment building. the injuries and the damage left behind. >> and students at harvard making alternate plans this morning as some workers, as you can see live pictures here, about to walk off the job. >> plus, all the highlights from last night's presidential debate for you this morning. >> but first, we want to get a check of the forecast. danielle niles is standing by. lots going on here and to the south. we're talking about matthew for a lot of folks in florida and up the east coast.
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>> we certainly are, which is great news. category 3 hurricane matthew is now moving north at 10 miles per hour. 125-mile per hour winds right now. but the latest forecast track, zoom in here to show you. now, matthew is just north of the eastern tip of cuba, already starting to impact the bahamas. and hurricane matthew will likely attain category 4 status again as it is out over the warm ocean waters. watch what happens, parallelling the coastline of eastern friday night, weakens to a category 2 storm. now tracks well south of new england and even south and east of the outer banks as we head into the tail end of the weekend. great news for our holiday forecast as well. 49 in boston right now. a lot of 40s on the map. it's a chilly start. clear skies, a few low level clouds. these are try to drift inland. other than that, nice october day with partly sunny skies, sunrise at 6:46.
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and clouds. 61 for lunchtime and 60 at the coast. no weather related issues. sunset at 6:18. kate. >> all right, danielle, thank you. checking the roads right now. a tractor trailer crash is blocking all northbound lanes right now. this is right near 290. state police say traffic is being diverted at exit 25. the offramp on 290 is now closed to 495 for that cleanup. you can expect heavy delays this morning. police are urging drivers possible. >> and breaking overnight, a car slams into an apartment building. this was the scene on north shore road. into a bedroom and living room. no one inside was hurt, but the driver was taken to the hospital. no word yet on what caused that crash. >> two men are due in court with a connection with a shootout. police say the second suspect was taken into custody. about five hours after shots were fired at police. >> wbz is live outside of court
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investigation. ana. >> and chris, fortunately, no one was shot during that exchange of gunfire. this morning, both suspects are in custody and facing charges of assault with intent to murder police officers. >> all of a sudden, i hear pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> a roslynn dale neighborhood is caught up with a mass uv crime scene tuesday when a joint investigation between boston and massachusetts state police leads to a shootout withw the officers. at that time, both officers engaged in exchange of gunfire. >> no one was shot and one suspect was arrested immediately. police say a second suspect, 25- year-old, eric rosato gonzalez took off, prompting a five hour man hunt. >> yeah, pretty crazy. >> s.w.a.t. teams and police dogs swarm the area around the avenue. >> next thing you know, three
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they went through my neighbor's backyard, and then they went through our parking lot as well. >> and a state police helicopter scoured the streets from above. finally, police captured rosato gonzalez. >> i apologize for the inconvenience to the neighborhood, but we just want to make sure it was safe before we opened it up. >> and the entire city is a safer place wi off the streets. gonzalez was wanted for drug possession. both suspects will be arraigned this morning. wbz this morning. >> thank you very much for the update. a 19-year-old man due in court today to face charges in a deadly shooting in lawrence. police say isaiah tejada shot a man in his 30s yesterday afternoon. police have not released the victim's name or a motive for that shooting. >> 6:04. harvard dining hall workers now
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picket lines on campus. the strike began just a few minutes ago at 6:00 a.m. the harvard crimson reporting this is the first time in the union's history that workers walked off the job during the school year. the union wants workers to make at least $35,000 a year. harvard says the workers make $22 an hour, which is among the highest in the region. an e-mail was sent to students yesterday, telling them some dining halls will -- >> parts united states preparing for hurricane matthew this morning. hurricane watches and warnings are up for parts of the east coast in florida while evacuations are getting underway right now in the carolinas. visitors began leaving north carolina's island at about 5:00 this morning. resident and property owners have until thursday to evacuate. and south carolina, a complete evacuation of the coast will begin today. that state's governor asking more than a million people to
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roads were jammed last night as some people started heeding those warnings. and matthew is heading for the bahamas after the hurricane eye made land fall during the tip of eastern cuba. expected to get 8 to 12 inches of rain. meanwhile, roads turned into rushing rivers. the extent of the damage remains unclear right now because the storm knocked out phone and internet service for much of the country. so far, at least 11 deaths have been blamed on matthew in the caribbean. and of course, stay with wb to track hurricane matthew. you can also get the latest information by down loading the cbs boston weather app to your smart phone or your tablet. >> now to campaign 2016. it's back to the campaign trail this morning. after the two vice presidential nominees clashed during last night's debate. both candidates defending the top of their ticket. cbs's craig boswell has highlights from virginia. >> tim kaine and mike pence ended their one and only debate
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>> senator, you whipped out that mexican thing again. >> they went toe to toe. >> the fbi did an investigation. >> gentleman. >> they concluded there was no reasonable prosecutor who would take it further. >> repeatedly talking over moderator, elaine as they defended their running mates. >> donald trump supports our troops. donald trump supports our veterans. >> he won't pay taxes. >> the discussion here was amplified on social media. on facebook, one of the most talk candidates trading jabs on an insult driven campaign. >> if donald trump said all the things he said them, he still wouldn't have a fraction of the insults that hillary clinton leveled when she said that half of our supporters were a basket of deplorables. >> trump and clinton meet face to face for their second presidential debate this sunday in st. louis. craig boswell, cbs news,
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debate starting at 9:00. >> vice presidential candidate says he has one main focus during the race for the white house. to stop donald trump from winning. the former massachusetts governor told the globe he, of course, supports his running mate, gary johnson, but his top priority is defeating trump who he calls a huckster. he disagrees with hillary clinton on issues. >> suspended after pictures surfaced on social media of them holding ho over. and it happened at the home of a local police chief. nicole jacobs is live in west newberry with the details. nicole. >> kate, school officials say it was an unanimous tip that led to this investigation. now 16 girls from the soccer team are suspended for a quarter of the season. >> a sleep over at this groveland home saturday came with more than your typical girls play for the varsity soccer team, according to
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a great school day forecast. we'll talk about matthew coming up and i had a great time yesterday. these are are the third, fourth, sixth graders at the american academy in lowell. we talked all about hurricane matthew and forecast and thunderstorms. they were a great group. i had a blast yesterday.
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joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac
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special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald. "outright lies," reports the lowell sun. charter schools "don't siphon off state dollars" from traditional schools, says the boston globe. in fact, public schools get more money. the truth is question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. please vote yes on question 2.
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appropriate song choice. today is the day to get out and get moving. boston mayor will be among thousands participating in walk to school day. they will be walking to the school, more than 200 schools in massachusetts are getting
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encourage your kids to walk to school. if they ride their bike, remind them to wear their helmets. >> i was in carlyle, so it was way too far. i couldn't do it. >> i counted the houses. i said 11. >> and you were in mel rose. i didn't walk the whole time, but some years i did. >> did you walk when it rained? >> yes, we still walked, thanks, mom. >> thanks, mom, i think she drove us. >> i do have to say, my house. >> that's legit. >> you walked further to the bus. >> that's fantastic. you still got your workout. it's going to be a great day to walk to school today. a chilly start this morning. the kids may want the sweatshirt. we're in the 40s. look at springfield, 37 degrees right now. 43 in manchester. 49 in boston. 50s on the cape.
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otherwise, clear skies, we're in for smooth sailing. big area of high pressure in control. showers from minnesota stretching back down to northern arkansas. believe it or not, this front will play a huge role in our weather as we head into the upcoming weekend. play a role with matthew as well. 50s at the coast. a little gusty, breezy day, that wind from the northeast. mid to upper 60s through the interior. tonight will be clear, calm wind. a little ch patchy fog develops, 35 to 44. a couple of the most sheltered spots. 51 downtown and what a rebound we make. gorgeous day. 70 to 75 for most of us. still a sea breeze. here's hurricane matthew. category 3 storm. 125-mile per hour winds, now emerging off the tip. the northern side of cuba, and
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per hour. the hurricane watches expanded northward, back to the border of georgia. just to the east of jacksonville. again, hurricane watches now expanded there. but, watch what happens with the track. so, matthew is likely to gain category 4 status. being out over that warm ocean water temperatures. and then parallel the coastline of florida. as we head into thursday night and friday, then weaken to a category 2 storm. pretty good consensus, passes south and east and stays well south of new england as we head into the upcoming weekend. it's all thanks to that front. it sweeps through, kind of helps to keep that storm out to sea as a big ridge of high pressure protects us here in northeast. so, that is good news for the holiday weekend. we will still monitor the track closely. there will likely still be some building swell and surf. overall, start of the weekend
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it looks like we'll be in the 60s and the start of next week. chris. >> thank you very much. we continue to monitor an accident up in the andover stretch. you can see as we look downtown, things are starting to build as you make your way into town. up in andover, at route 33, you are seeing a backup of at least 15 minutes. two lanes are closed because of an accident on 93 south. that is back up to the new hampshire border right now. >> a sh celtics as they open up the preseason. the team united in arms during the national anthem with their heads bowed. they say they discuss what they wanted to do with coach brad stevens. they posted this message on their facebook page. >> we are one. we are in this together. this is what we have to say. for decades, the people who worn this jersey faced the
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our predecessors. >> and humbly accept the baton. >> to stand together. >> as for the game itself, they took on the sixers. the first gram game in green was a success. but they ended up losing 92-89. >> a judge dismissed a lawsuit that would have challenged the state's cap on charter schools. the students say they were forced to, instead, attend poor quality schools where they had lit chance of hope of success. in november, massachusetts voters will decide whether to expand the current cap on the number of charter schools allowed in massachusetts. >> another case of creepy clowns in massachusetts. police are being warned to be on alert after some students were sent threatening text messages about clowns from an unknown number. similar messages have been reported across the country. the superintendent there
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their children's activity online and report anything strange. >> massachusetts governor, charlie baker, hits a major fund raising milestone. baker broke the $4 million mark in less than two years in often. he is benefiting from a 2014 campaign finance law that doubled the maximum allowable donation from $500 to $1,000. a recent review by the associated press found single donations. >> ahead, hurricane matthew making for some angry ship passengers. >> they were supposed to go to the bahamas where they are now spending their vacation instead. >> the fight over posting graphic labels on cigarette tax.
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arizona with a preseason super bowl favorite, but have not gotten off to a dominant start. san francisco will try to end a
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ground. enjoy the game, everyone. in new hampshire, maggie hassan cut taxes for small businesses, protected education... created jobs. in washington, what's kelly ayotte done? voted to cut college grants, cut medicare. but kelly ayotte voted to protect tax breaks for millionaires and big oil. that's what the koch brothers and big corporate interests wanted.
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granted full parental rights to an unmarried gay woman. she gave birth, has the same parental rights as the children's biological mother. overturned a family court ruling, a person may establish themselves as a child's presumptive parent under state law, even without a biological connection. 6:23 right now. an investigation is underway this morning after a man's body is pulled from a pond in wellsly. the victim was working landscaper and took a canoe on to morris' pond. a coworker saw the canoe capsize and called 911. dive teams searched the pond for three hours before finding the man's body. in 15 feet of water. police have not released his name, but he was 35 years old. >> new video shows the moment a young man was rescued after spending a week stranded at sea. this is nathan carmen swimming up to the steps of st
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raft and hoisted him up on to the ship. there are photos after he was on board. carmen's mother is missing and presumed dead. police in several states are investigating her dis appearance. >> eight public health and medical groups are suing the fda over the delay of cigarette warning labels. in a suit failed yesterday in boston, groups, including the american academy of pediatrics claim the fda is legally qu warnings on cigarette packs. even though the images have been struck down by a court. the suit claims the delay has allowed millions to take up the deadly habit. >> millions of yahoo accounts at the expense of the fbi. the scams focused on incoming messages that contain a string of unknown characters, attachments were searched. yahoo! wouldn't say what the scans were looking for, only that it
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keeping a close eye on hurricane matthew. several airlines are waiving their change fees to include travel to u.s. airports. hurricane matthew has already forced airlines to cancel some flights to jamaica and haiti. the busiest airport in the bahamas is expected to close operations at some point today. and it's not just air travel, carnival cruises rerouted a ship that was supposed to leave for the bahamas over the weekend to new york city and new brunswick. then passengers were told canada either. the ship is in new york city right now and heads back to baltimore tomorrow. many passengers say they want a full refund, but so far, carnival only offered an on board credit and half off a future cruise. >> the simpsons are coming to boston. that's not how we talk. the animated cartoon will be airing an episode from our
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we hear homer is a big fan of candle pin bowling. look at tom terrific right there. i love it. they are just jealous. they hate us because they ain't us. >> that boston accent was awful. >> it was horrific. but we will watch to see. >> in the next half hour, including more from last night's presidential debate. >> plus, more on hurricane matthew, including the local efforts to help in haiti. >> and live pictures from harvard, where dining hall workers walked off the about 25 minutes ago. the impact this is going to
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we dance on the salsa team together, and it's like a lot of power in what we wear. when we're practicing if i don't feel good in what i'm wearing i don't look good. t.j.maxx has that variety. i can get a lot for my money. it's like "yay t.j.maxx!" if you're feeling it, just go for it, don't wait. maxx life at t.j.maxx. breaking news right now at 6:30. you are looking live right now at an accident on 495 in marlboro. a tractor trailer crash blocking all lanes of northbound 495. we'll update you in a minute. >> accused of starting a shootout in police. >> plus, a local soccer team suspended after bringing
6:30 am
police chief's home. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz news this morning. >> good morning to you, it's 6:30. i'm chris mackinnon. >> wednesday, october 5, we are looking at a nice little stretch of weather here locally at least, danielle. >> it's going to be nice. it's a bit of a chilly start. good morning, everyone. 49 in boston. we're in the mid 40s. 43 in manchester. sp degrees. we're in the 50s out over cape cod. otherwise, sunshine is going to be out today. a mix of a few clouds. nice october afternoon. sunrise coming up in 15 minutes. temperatures rise out of the 40s to just over 60 degrees by midday. pleasant, a lit breezy. that wind from the northeast, 5 to 15 miles per hour. gust occasionally higher. a quiet evening for the ride
6:31 am
hurricane matthew. category 3, major hurricane. now north of st eastern tip of cuba. turks and caicos moving to the north. a significant shift in the track. we'll take a look at that in a couple minutes. we want to take a look at breaking news on the roads. a tractor trailer crash is blocking all northbound lanes on 495 in marlboro. these are live piur mess. now this is right near 290. a very busy area in the morning. state police say traffic is being diverted at exit 25. the offramp on 2 290 is closed for this cleanup. expect heavy delays throughout the morning. police are urging drivers to avoid the area if possible. >> breaking overnight, a car slams into an apartment building in revere. take a look at the scene. the car went through the side of that building. right into a bedroom and living
6:32 am
have to go to the hospital. no word on what caused that crash. and two men are due in court in connection with a shootout. >> about five hours after shots were fired at officers. wbz is live outside the court with the very latest on the investigation. ana. >> fortunately, no one was shot during that exchange of gunfire and this morning, both suspects are in custody and facing to murder police officers. yesterday, boston police and massachusetts state police were conducting a joint investigation in roslynn dale when they exchanged gunfire with the suspects. one suspect was arrested immediately. the other, 25-year-old, eric rosato gonzalez took off, prompting a five hour man hunt. s.w.a.t. teams and police dogs swarm the neighborhood. the commuter rail shut down while officers search the track and a state police helicopter
6:33 am
edge. >> next thing you know, three or four cups on foot, guns out, they went through my neighbor's backyard. and then they went through our parking lot as well. >> finally around 10:00, police captured rosato, both suspects will be arraigned this morning. reporting live. ana, wbz this morning. >> 6:33 right now on your wednesday. former patriots tight end is due in court he has a status conference scheduled that is expected to begin in february. prosecutors say he gunned down two men outside a boston nightclub in 2012 after one of them accidentally bumped into him at the club causing him to spill his drink. >> a former police officer breaks down, admitting to driving drunk and killing a man. eric wayne said he was driving drunk from 2014 when he crossed
6:34 am
hitting another vehicle. that crash killed brian paula and severely injured his sister. >> my actions, purposeful actions, negligent actions, took away someone that is clearly a beautiful, amazing person in your life. i don't have, never will have the words to tell you how sorry i am for you. >> wayne was sentenced to four years in prison. he retired from the police before he was formally indicted. >> the latest now on hurricane matthew. at least 11 deaths are blamed on out storm that already hit haiti and cuba. the u.s. coast could be the next target. hanah daniels takes a closer look now at the damage. >> hurricane matthew is barreling towards the bahamas after hitting cuba and haiti. with 145 miles per hour wind. the category 4 storm brought
6:35 am
southwestern peninsula. streets were turned into a raging river. the water moved these cars down the street with ease. the people tried to get to safety. matthew is predicted to make land fall in florida on thursday. residents are stocking up on emergency supplies like food, water, and batteries. storm is expected to maintain 130-mile per hour winds as it heads toward the eastern sea board. hanah daniels, cbs news. >> and the united nations says hurricane matthew caused a big humanitarian problem. roads are impassable and communications are out. the u.n. says hospitals are over flowing and emergency shelters are packed. local charities, including one in newton have been doing their best to get supplies and access to the area. that is no small job. >> a normal stream is now a 15 to 20-foot river.
6:36 am
babies. >> one of the only hospitals in haiti that has incubators for newborns. the hospital staff was able to stockpile some supplies so they have enough food and water for at least a few days. and there is encouraging news from the orphanage, started as a tribute to a teenager. the foundation says all the children in its care are safe and its property has been spared the severe damage that the rest of the island seeing. honors brittany, killed during missionary work in haiti during the 2010 earthquake. >> now to campaign 2016, the nominee is facing off in their first and only debate. tim kaine and mike pence sparred over everything from the economy and foreign policy to which candidate is running the most negative campaign. >> donald trump, during his campaign, called mexicans rapists and criminals.
6:37 am
this insult driven campaign, i mean, that is small potatoes compared to hillary clinton calling half of donald trump supporters a basket of deplorables. >> kaine criticized donald trump's use of the tax code while pence questioned hillary clinton's integrity. they debate for a second time sunday night at washington university in st. louis. you can see it live right here starting at 9:00 p.m. >> high school athletes suspended after pictures surfaced on social media over and it happened at the home of a local police chief. let's get to nicole jacobs with the details for us. nicole. >> chris, on social media, you get a sense of some of the charity work that the regional high school soccer program has participated in. in fact, it was a soccer tournament they had just played in earlier in the day, before this sleep over. that was a charity turnover. now we learned 16 members of
6:38 am
suspended for four games. this is a result of that team sleep over saturday night where one of the girls apparently snuck in a bottle of vodka. pictures began circulating on social media and school officials received an unanimous tip. that sleep over was at the boxford police chief's home. he has two daughters on the team. he and his wife thought they were watching the girls pretty closely and he is not sure what more he could have done. the school superintendent released a statement part, school officials are working closely with students and families through this difficult circumstance. i can tell you that the police chief also says that he has taught his girls that you must face consequences for your actions. he went on to say this is an example of that. we're live in west newberry, wbz this morning. >> just ahead this morning, a check of the days stories,
6:39 am
university going on right now. >> dining hall workers walked off the job this morning. their demands and what the strike means for students there. >> and you recognize this game show contestant? the one in the blazer? how you, too, can audition for wheel of fortune right here in boston. >> oh, here we go. all this is coming out of the woodwork. weather watchers checking in with temperatures in the 40s and even a few 30s. let's check in in central 70s to end the week. more on that and hurricane matthew coming up. chris. >> and we continue to follow breaking news on 495 northbound in marlboro. a crash with a tractor trailer there shutting down all the lanes. we'll have an update and the big backups this is causing
6:40 am
the outside corporate interests bankrolling question two are trying to deceive you. here's the truth: every time a new charter school opens, it drains money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million just last year - according to the state's own data. which means real cuts to our kids - in arts, technology, ap classes, pre-school, bus service and more. that's why question two's opposed by the massachusetts pta
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with hood, cottage cheese can be... ? hey! ? ...pineapple on a waffle... or cucumber and dill as a dip. with eight delicious flavors of hood cottage cheese, the possibilities are endless. always good. always hood. joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk.
6:42 am
content of this advertising. earlier this week, we found out that a member of the wbz family took a spin on the wheel of fortune. >> we have the video to prove it. >> danielle. >> that would be it, yes.
6:43 am
and you didn't trip up on it or anything. danielle niles, just won $1,000. you're going to school in florida? >> yes, i'm a graduate student at florida state university. i'm studying meteorology. >> what are you going to do with that training? >> maybe be on tv. i love storm chasing. >> that's exciting stuff. big boston sports fan? >> wicked big red sox fan. >> i love her. so cute. >> she is. >> if you want to be like danielle and go for it on of fortune. the wheel mobile will be here on saturday and sunday from noon until 4:00. both dais, looking to draft contestants. anyone who shows up can apply. >> oh my gosh, she just wanted to be on tv and be a meteorologist. >> we can talk about your first storm chase, too. >> both of those things were almost ten years ago. talk about your blazer, you are so cute. >> my hair, oh my gosh. it's a blast. so just have fun with it, that's my piece of advice.
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start lifting some weights. current temperatures are in the 40s. it's a cool start to the morning. 49 in boston. 43 in manchester. 37 in springfield. 50s on the cape. milder for us, because we've had low level clouds. a few clouds may draft inland. bright sunshine. big area of high pressure in control of our weather. the next several days looks great here at home. we have showers. look at the snow. what? snow on the northern massachusetts, a big front that extends all the way from the midwest, stretching back down to rain. this front is actually going to play a significant role in our weather as we head into the upcoming weekend. we'll talk more about that in a second. sun and clouds, low 60s. 66 inland. clear skies, chilly tonight, but what a rebound we make tomorrow. mostly sunny, beautiful, 73 degrees. a light wind. it's going to be gorgeous. hopefully you can enjoy it.
6:45 am
matthew, spinning north of the eastern tip of cuba. turks and caicos being impacted. locked in terms of the structure as it came over eastern cuba. but, still a major category 3 hurricane with 125-mile per hour winds right now, moving north at 10 miles per hour. so, hurricane watches and warnings. the watches have been expanded northward all the way to the georgia border now. off the east coast hurricane warnings the further south you come, matthew is expected to take a northwest curve today, strengthen a bit. parallel the eastern coast of florida as we head into tomorrow night and during the day on friday. weakening at that point to a category 2 storm. and if you haven't watched in 24 hours, pretty significant shift here. not likely to skirt the outer banks, but past south and east of the coastline of north carolina and continue to weaken. still a big cone of uncertainty, but matthew is
6:46 am
new england, which means good news for our holiday weekend. minimal impacts here at home. there will likely still be building seas and rough surf up and down the eastern sea board. but good consensus, pretty good agreement that matthew curves out to sea. meaning temperatures to start our holiday weekend will be nice. low 70s. sunday in the mid 60s and columbus day looks bright for the start of next week. cooler in the low 60s back up to 68 with sunshine chris. >> thank you very much. let's take a live look as you make your way into town. things are moving okay on the connector and over the bridge. up farther northbound on 93 coming down south, you are seeing an accident in andover. the backup there is back up to the new hampshire border. you have running room until you hit spa and on the brakes. also the expressway this morning is jammed as typical from the split all the way into town. this is breaking news in
6:47 am
now blocking all northbound lanes there. traffic is being diverted at exit 25 and the offramp from 2290 is closed. state police are urging drivers to avoid that area if you can. >> more breaking news overnight. a car slams into an apartment building. this was the scene on north shore road. the car went through the side of the building and into a bedroom and living room. no one inside was hurt. the driver was taken to the hospital. no word yet on what caused the crash. 6:47 morning, harvard dining hall worker rs are on strike right now. >> we'll take a look at one of the pick the lines on campus right now. workers began striking at 6:00 this morning. the harvard crimson reports this is the first time in the union history that workers walked off the job during the school year. we caught up with the chief contract negotiator for the union and asked how long they plan to strike for. >> we'll be on strike for as long as it takes to make sure we get a real response on our
6:48 am
a $40 billion institution. workers should have affordable healthcare. >> the yew onion wants workers to make $35,000 a year. harvard says workers make $22 an hour, which is among the highest in the region. that's only when they are in session. >> two men accused of shooting police. 25-year-old, luis colone and eric rosato gonzalez opened fire during state nobody was hurt. colone was immediately arrested. gonzalez fled, but was captured after a massive man hunt that lasted several hours. >> the vice presidential nominee is facing off for their first and only debate. a new cbs poll shows tim kaine and mike pence are both unknown to most americans. hillary clinton's running mate was quick to bring up the current tax controversy surrounding donald trump. quick to defend the republican nominee. >> so, it's smart not to pay for our military.
6:49 am
veterans. it's smart not to pay for teachers. and all of us were stupid who do pay for those things. >> do you take all the deductions you are entitled to? i do. >> pence went on to attack hillary clinton for her private e-mail servers as secretary of state. and both accused the other's running mate of running a negative campaign. the major league playoffs get to card spot. we'll show you how it ended. >> and tom brady has a message as the red sox get set for the playoffs. to fit your budget and your lifestyle. with plans starting as low as $0, you'll have zero things stopping you from really doing what you love. so call now to learn more about our plans that offer everything from annual wellness visits
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here's a look at thursday night's game. the cardinals visit levi stadium. arizona with a preseason super bowl favorite, but have not
6:52 am
gain some ground in the nfc west. enjoy the game, everyone. >> sponsored by exfinty. get live scores and stats right on your tv with exfinty x1. wbz sports is driven by bmw. test drive a bmw today at your massachusetts bmw center, or visit us at >> welcome back. 6:52 right now. a show of unity from the celtics as they open up the presean. the national anthem has bowed. the seas taking on sixers at the center last night. al's first game in green was a success. he had 8 points and 8 rebounds in 15 minutes of action, but the c's lose. >> a wild ending to the matchup between the blue jays and orioles. tied at 2. bottom of the 11th. toronto with two on, and edwin hits the three-run walkoff home
6:53 am
and the red sox are in ohio getting ready for the start of their series with the indians. boston will work out in cleveland today. yesterday the team held a light workout, taking batting practice. game one is tomorrow night. wbz will be live in cleveland for the sox, indians series. >> tom brady showing his playoff support for the red sox. the pats qb posted this picture on his him luck. it's not too late to change his mind about retirement. no, it's not too late. you can change your mind, and we should get our first look at tom brady on the practice field. gearing up for sunday's game against the browns in cleveland. they will hold a team practice at gillette stadium. brady was allowedded to rejoin the team on monday following his four-game suspension. >> glad he is back. >> definitely. >> 6:53 right now. time for a closer look at
6:54 am
king. good morning, gayle. >> good morning, ahead on cbs this morning, the biggest moments from the vice presidential debate, we'll get reaction from undecided voters in the battleground state of ohio. plus, nick thompson on accusations that yahoo secretly spied on e-mails to help the government. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 sharp. interviewer: what would you do with five minutes to kill and a smartphone? man: check the scores. woman 1 : uh, probably post a pic. woman 2: text a friend. interviewer: how about register to vote? man: really? galvin: you can. five minutes online and
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in new hampshire, maggie hassan cut taxes for small businesses, protected education... created jobs. in washington, what's kelly ayotte done? voted to cut college grants, cut medicare. but kelly ayotte voted to protect tax breaks that's what the koch brothers and big corporate interests wanted. they're spending millions supporting ayotte. kelly ayotte's not working for us.
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nike is raffling off 89 pairs of its back to the future sneakers. they are replicas of the self- lacing sneakers ran by marty mcfly in the back to the future movie. proceeds will be linked to the michael j. fox foundation. you can led head to our website. >> a good cause. not attractive. >> they are kind of cool. >> for $10. i don't know, just saying. beautiful weather here. going to enjoy these next few days. 70s. 60s today, but 70s for tomorrow and friday. you notice still have watch in matthew on the seven-day. but we talked about it all morning. there's significant agreement now that matthew is going to stay way to our south. not even going to skirt the
6:58 am
storm. the coastline of florida is on board. >> before we go, another live look from sky eye of this really bad accident on 495 in marlboro. this is at 290, all lanes of the northbound are closed. you'll want to find another way around that. they are trying to clear it up, but it's a big mess right now. >> we'll see you in 25 minutes
6:59 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, october 5th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? hurricane warnings are up in florida after matthew smashes haiti and moves into the bahamas. the carolinas prepares for the killer storm. >> the vice presidential candidates clash over taxes, russia, immigration and nuclear weapons. we will fact check their claims. plus, tennis star maria sharapova sits down with charlie for her first tv interview since a doping suspension was cut short. she vows a big comeback we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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